Point of Sale

Systems Design has the option of deploying a point of sale interface in a touch screen module with picture on the screen and a picture roster. The system preserves the original investment in existing user training by adding one-touch input key to the standard input screen.

CN Federal Programs Coordinator
“Our district aced our TDA Audit. A huge Thank You goes out to the Systems Design team! The software and reports generated are exactly what TDA requires and the support received by you and your team was amazing (as always)! Again, thank you & your team for all you do to make our jobs less stressful! Systems Design is the BEST program available in this industry!.”

Director of School Nutrition
“Sometimes we just do not thank people/vendors enough for what they provide. I have been K‐12 in Texas now for over 13 years, been in several districts in Contract Management, Consulting and Self Op. I have used several POS Systems but, Systems Design is by far the absolute best fit for any district.

The program is easy and perfect but the customer service is unbeatable. Thank you for your support, your patience, for creating documents that are not even part of our agreement and answering questions immediately. AND for the many times you have simply talked us through anxious moments. This A.R. was confident and smooth, thanks to System's Design. Zero errors on applications. Zero errors
on verification.”