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Single District Wide System

Systems Design is the owner and creator of the source code for food and nutrition management software that maximizes central control. A single database on a central server allows uniform access to all data from any authorized device throughout the district. Polling, file transfers nor ‘remote-control’ of campus PC’s are required to consolidate data. Live data is always available throughout the entire district, allowing centralized management of student status, menu maintenance, inventory, purchasing, and employee time management. Demographic information in the central database may be updated from the district’s student information system automatically and be instantly available at the campus level. Systems Design is committed to providing tools that allow food and nutrition directors and managers to perform their work rather than working at finding, collecting and consolidating information.

Integrated Real Time

Real Time is exactly what it says, a system in which each transaction is recorded in the central system immediately upon completion. Any authorized device in the district has instantaneous access to that information, without batch processes or file transfers. Other systems can only offer 'real time management' which allows a user to connect to a location or 'consolidation' to a central reporting system once serving is complete. Each Systems Design point of sale terminal accesses the same database that contains all student meal records in the district. It makes no difference at which campus a student is served because his status, campus assignment, pre-paid balance and all other data are available. Any device in the district may instantly access changes made to an account from any location.

Live Support / Training @ POS

Systems Design has the most unique software support in the industry. Support staff can immediately connect at the time of a software support request to diagnose the nature of the problem. The status of devices at remote locations via the district network. The district does not have to support the core operating system - just the management of your own programs. Minor modifications can be made to accommodate local requirements. Systems Design maintains that quality instruction in the operation of a system is paramount to achieving the ultimate utilization of programs and equipment. The system is not intimidating, and point of sale operators are typically up and running on their own the day of installation.